Lucky ones.

I really was hit hard by what I saw going through the Panama Canal. At one point my ship passed by a small creek and there were tents huddled on the sides of the bank. There were kids and dogs and people trying to wash clothes, or prepare food along the side of the small river that emptied into the bigger one we were going on in.

I’ll never forget how grateful I was for what I had, even if we had secured excessive use of toilets and hadn’t showered in three days. it was a small sacrifice compared to what others have no choice but to go through. I think it’s a hard wake-up call for a young kid to realize that poverty is real, it actually isn’t a choice in most places, and what we know of as “poor” is rich by the standards of third world countries.


Just a little reminder. Appreciate what you have, the luxury of your life, even just being able to watch this video right now. Be kind to one another, share a smile and help each other out! Think about what you have and be grateful for it.

video by: Nichole Santiago,

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